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Converting Commercial Buildings into Condos

With the commercial real estate market in flux because of the post-COVID-19 economy and changes in work patterns, owners of leased commercial buildings, such as office buildings and industrial warehouses, are considering how to make their properties and their investments in them more attractive.  We have seen a good number of commercial properties being repurposed for residential use, either by reusing the existing structure of the commercial building and creating residential spaces in them, or by tearing down these structures and redeveloping them into residential uses.

Name Changes and Gender Declarations for the Transgender and Non-Binary Community

Identity documents, such as your driver’s license, your passport, and even your birth certificate, are an introduction to who we are and who we would like to be known as to the world. Not only might these documents help us get into a bar on a Friday night, they can also serve to protect us from the legal ramifications of misidentification or a lack of identification entirely. Our identity showcases our uniqueness and should truthfully represent us.

Why Many HOA Rules May Not Be Enforceable

Whether they were drafted 10 years ago by a developer or amended last week by an HOA’s Board of Directors. No matter how meticulously they hew to the letter of the law. Regardless of how long and technical – or brief and simple – the bylaws and rules of every Maryland homeowner’s association, they all have one essential trait in common. None of them are enforceable unless they have been filed in one of the HOA Depositories set up by the State.