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Lawrence Jacobs

Lawrence Jacobs



I enjoy helping people – and their businesses – resolve all kinds of issues.

Many of those people tell me that I can look at a problem and come up with a solution that no one else has considered.  That they are surprised how quickly I return their phone calls.  That I keep to the deadlines that we’ve set.  That the work that I do is good because I listen to them.  For those reasons and more, clients keep coming back to me; I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Those clients have included a same-sex couple in Arlington who’ve been together for 35 years with no estate planning documents; a young doctor looking to start his own practice in Silver Spring; and a well-to-do family with long-simmering conflicts.  Of course, over the last 46 years that I’ve been practicing law in the Washington area, there have been thousands more.  Clients who became friends because I treated them well.  Friends who became clients because they trusted me. 

Practice Areas

Partnership Planning

For more information on our work for same-sex couples click here

I’ve been the trusted advisor to more than 800 same-sex couples looking to protect their partners or spouses and their families with documents such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, partnership agreements and pre-nuptial agreements.

Estate Planning

Clients of all ages like the way I provide expert, non-technical advice. They appreciate the well-thought-out documents that I draft to ensure that their wishes will be followed no matter what may happen in the future.  I help to educate my clients on issues that aren’t readily apparent.

Corporate and business law

Buying or starting a new business?  Running a well-established firm? I’ve helped all kinds of businesses grow because I understand their needs and speak their language. I’m part of their team.