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Business Transactions


Strategic transactions can transform businesses. Bringing these transactions to a successful conclusion requires experience and wisdom. Our business attorneys have over 140 years of combined experience in guiding clients through transactions.

Our guiding principle is to partner with clients on their transactions; to understand their businesses and their goals; and then to deliver the guidance and legal advice they need to achieve those goals. We identify important issues for the transaction, prioritize objectives and explore available options with our client, prepare agreements critical for the transaction, negotiate key terms, and manage the transaction from start to finish.

We work with our clients to identify and manage areas of risk. Our attorneys not only negotiate to obtain the best result achievable, they keep our clients involved in key decisions throughout the process. Our expertise enables us to explore a wide variety of solutions. Our experience allows us to advise on what will work and what will not work, and to foresee problems and address them in the transaction documents. Where needed, our business lawyers also consult with our litigators to align contract language for on issues on which dispute is anticipated. We want the transaction to work for our client not just on the closing date, but post-closing as well. By guiding a deal from its letter of intent to the definitive documents and closing, we help our clients achieve their goals with planning and contracts.

We are prepared to assist in all business-related transactions, including:

Business Acquisitions / M&A

  • Engagement Agreements for Investment Bankers / Business Brokers
  • Letters of Intent
  • Purchase Agreements for Stock / LLC Interests
  • Asset Purchase Agreements
  • Agreements for Entity Mergers, Consolidations and Conversions

Other Strategic Transactions

  • Redeeming stock and equity interests from existing owners
  • Borrowing and lending transactions
  • Key person employment agreements
  • Incentive compensation arrangements