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Articles Year: 2023

Benefits of Corporations

Starting a business can be overwhelming. We know. We’ve seen it countless times over the years. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you likely have innumerable questions churning through your mind, especially if you’ve never started a business before. You don’t have to try to answer those questions alone (in fact, you shouldn’t try to answer those questions alone). A knowledgeable attorney can help you through the process and support you in forming a business with a solid foundation for growth, protection, and unrivaled opportunities.

Revised Version of Form I-9

If you’re a business owner in the United States, you’re likely familiar with Form I-9, the Employment Eligibility Verification form. It’s essential to the hiring process, ensuring all your employees, both citizens and non-citizens, are authorized to work in the U.S.

Pay Transparency Pros & Cons

Pay transparency laws have been in the news for a while, and they’re a hotly contested issue. On the one hand, shining a light on wage information helps create fairness in the workplace and acknowledges the essential value of virtually every role, which is the intended purpose of the laws.