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Category: Real Estate Law

Converting Commercial Buildings into Condos

With the commercial real estate market in flux because of the post-COVID-19 economy and changes in work patterns, owners of leased commercial buildings, such as office buildings and industrial warehouses, are considering how to make their properties and their investments in them more attractive.  We have seen a good number of commercial properties being repurposed for residential use, either by reusing the existing structure of the commercial building and creating residential spaces in them, or by tearing down these structures and redeveloping them into residential uses.

Why Many HOA Rules May Not Be Enforceable

Whether they were drafted 10 years ago by a developer or amended last week by an HOA’s Board of Directors. No matter how meticulously they hew to the letter of the law. Regardless of how long and technical – or brief and simple – the bylaws and rules of every Maryland homeowner’s association, they all have one essential trait in common. None of them are enforceable unless they have been filed in one of the HOA Depositories set up by the State.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Make Key Changes Following The Tragic Surfside Condominium Collapse

In the early morning hours of June  24, 2021, the Champlain Towers South Condominium, a 12-story beachfront condominium in Surfside, Florida, collapsed as people watched in horror.  Ninety-eight people died and dozens were injured.  Soon afterward it was revealed that the condominium had structural problems that went unaddressed for several years.  Its concrete and steel structural supports had severely weakened over time due to water intrusion and corrosion. 

Maryland HOA Common Area Warranty Requirements and Recommendations

Under Maryland law (Md Real Property Code Annotated, Section 11B-110), a developer of improvements upon common areas owned or to be owned by a homeowners association remains responsible for certain aspects of such improvements under an implied warranty created by such statute.  To determine how long the developer is responsible and to what the warranty applies requires a careful read of the statute.

Maryland Governor and Montgomery County Executive Impose New Covid Restrictions on Many Local Businesses

Effective November 10, Governor Hogan, by Executive Order, has imposed or restored certain Covid restrictions against the ability of Maryland businesses to fully operate.  The Governor’s Order also allows counties to impose more restrictive regulations: Montgomery County did just that by imposing a more restrictive regulation (also effective November 10).

The Importance Of Keeping Your Physical Office Location After The COVID-19 Pandemic

During these times of COVID-19 related business and office quarantining and closures, companies and their employees are learning new ways to be efficient and productive.  Remote working, while certainly a pre-COVID-19 option, has become the new normal.  Workers have become adept at completing tasks and projects away from the office, using platforms like remote-desktop for access to business computer servers and Zoom, Microsoft Teams and others to hold meetings.  There are certainly arguments for cost and time savings related to having employees work remotely, and to the extent a company has seen this be successful, they may be considering abandoning the physical workplace.  Consequently, many are asking if this is the true wave of the future.  Can online meeting platforms really replace the crucial connection that people get when having face to face interaction?