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Front Foot Benefit Creation and Sale


Real estate developers in Maryland who install water and sewer systems within their new developments generally can create private water and sewer front foot benefit assessment liens against the different subdivided properties within the development.  

This will allow them to recoup the cost of the installation over a period of time, rather than increase the price of the lot itself.

Different jurisdictions in Maryland have different rules regarding the creation and disclosure of the existence of these assessments, therefore, it is important to know what is applicable and permitted in your jurisdiction.  We assist with the drafting of declarations and disclosures that meet the requirements of the state and different jurisdictions.

We also help create private utility companies where a developer may want to keep and collect the charges over the full life of the assessments.  Additionally, we are considered one of the preeminent firms involved with drafting and negotiating purchase and sales agreements for the sale of the assessments by developers to third parties who want to own the right to collect the assessments and assisting with the settlements on the purchases. Please call us at (301) 251-1180 or submit an online inquiry.