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Articles by Jessica Statler

Selling Your Business? The Final Price Isn’t Always Right.

Fair warning if you are selling your business: The price you and the buyer agree to may not be the price you actually get due to a common and very important term known as the “working capital requirement.” If you’ve never sold a business before, the working capital requirement may come as a big surprise. You are likely to encounter it for the first time in the letter of intent, the first occasion when major terms of the deal are put down in writing.

Use It or Lose It – the Estate Tax Exclusion Amount May Drop!

At the end of 2025, unless action is taken by Congress before that date, the federal estate tax exclusion amount is going to “sunset”.  That means that it may nosedive to half of the current amount of $13,160,000.  Most estate planning professionals predict that the exclusion will drop to around $7 million.  That means that everyone who has been relying on the $13 million exclusion amount may suddenly find themselves with estate tax liability.  The people that would be affected are those of single individuals with assets over $7 million or married couples with assets more than $14 million but less than $25 million.