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Articles by A. Howard Metro

Non-Disclosure Agreements: Not All NDAs are Harmless!

“NDA” is an abbreviation for a “non-disclosure agreement.” They exist in different forms and have different uses.  Employers typically require NDAs as a condition of employment in order to protect confidential company information and trade secrets.  NDAs are also used when one party wants to disclose information to someone else but needs protection regarding its use.   When both parties want to exchange information, a mutual NDA is used.

Benefits of Corporations

Starting a business can be overwhelming. We know. We’ve seen it countless times over the years. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you likely have innumerable questions churning through your mind, especially if you’ve never started a business before. You don’t have to try to answer those questions alone (in fact, you shouldn’t try to answer those questions alone). A knowledgeable attorney can help you through the process and support you in forming a business with a solid foundation for growth, protection, and unrivaled opportunities.

The Social Security Numbers Do Not Match!

Recently, we have learned that our clients are receiving letters from the Social Security Administration indicating that the Social Security Numbers submitted with payments for FICA and, presumably, Medicare, do not match.  This often may involve an undocumented worker; however, it could simply mean a clerical error. The employer who receives a no-match letter stands on a border between knowingly complying with the Immigration Act of 1986, which requires the documentation of all employees by completion of an I–9 and, on the other side, a requirement that employers may not discriminate on the basis of origin.